What you see here is a prime example of a very bad job of using spray adhesive.

You should never have glue on the playing field! The big pile of glue you see was scraped from the top of the table and left a dark stain which clearly shows a poor install job! There was no need to glue down the cloth on this table, the slates have a wood backing on it so you can staple the cloth down. Please ask questions when shopping around.

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prime-example-of-over-gluing-the-cloth-downprime-example-2 (1)



The Picture on the left is the incorrect way to seam the slates, The picture on the right is the Precise way!

Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty is used by many pool table companies all over, this product sets up way to hard and crumbles under the cloth and will make the ball roll slower and veer off, then you have to get the company back out to your house to fix it and that cost you more money! The Precise way is to bond the slates and then use a specially formulated wax made for pool tables to seam the slates, if done the right way the first time you will have a smooth crumble free playing surface! We guarantee our work!




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Precise Billiards recovers & maintains 20 Valley coin op pool tables at the Brass Rail. Tables are covered with Simonis 860HR tournament Blue cloth.

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