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Our story

Pool Table mechanic Brendon McFadden 

Over 25 years of mechanic experience!

WE MOVE POOL TABLES! Whether you are relocating to a new home, need your table moved to storage,
or just need it moved to another location in your current home, give us a call!

Precise Billiards: No matter where you purchased your table or what quality pool table you may have, we will protect your investment from future common problems. We do this by making sure your table is leveled correctly, the slate seams are bonded and sealed so they never separate, stretching the cloth tight, and aligning the rails straight. If your table is installed, leveled, and/or recovered by a company that does not know how to properly do this it will end up costing you a lot of money throughout the life of your table to maintain.

We have worked on thousands of tables and fixed thousands of tables that were not installed properly. It is sad and disappointing that big name companies are guilty of poor service. Our record of accomplishments throughout the years at Precise are above and beyond, hence the name “PRECISE.”

We setup every pool table as if a pro were going to play on it, no matter what quality, brand, or size of table you may have. That is the way it should be done. We use only the best and highest quality materials for leveling, bonding, and seaming the slates.


We are pool players and we were raised around billiards, so we know what pool players (new school or old school) want.

We are very honest, very professional, and we go that extra mile to make sure you, the customer, is 100% SATISFIED with our work.

We service a lot of bars and big pool halls all over the Kansas City metro area and possibly your neighbor’s house. If you’ve played in any BCA/APA tourney in the area, you’ve already seen some of our work.

We are a full-service repair shop with anything Billiards. Remember: If you need your pool table serviced, and you want it done right – call the pros at Precise!